Ghost in the Lighthouse

Model: Adrienne O’Docharty
Hair & Makeup: Kristen Wilson

I’ll be posting lots of spooky and ghoulish images in the immediate future as I prepare for my Halloween photo exhibit. Comments are always welcome. I’d love to hear what you guys think! Thanks for looking!



American Nightmare

I’m beginning my work on a series of mysterious and ghoulish photographs in hope to have an exhibit prepared by Halloween. It would be my first photography exhibit and never been more excited and ambitious. Let me know what you think!Image

Pagan Americana?

Photo Journey – Black Mountain/Asheville/Blowing Rock/Columbia

Shooting with Kelsie Cole • New Lighting

Finally had a chance to experiment with my new lighting setup with our beautiful and talented friend, Kelsie Cole. I bought these rope lights at Goodwill 4 years ago and finally found a use for them. I like when I find a use for things I’ve found at Goodwill and get a chance to convince myself I’m not a hoarder. Anyway… I’m really happy with how the photos turned out.Image




Bike ride around the lake

Decided to take my camera out on my usual route around the lake.Image

Mojo Schaeffer

Went over to my good friends house for dinner and I snapped a few photos of their son Maxon.